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Technical Testing

Let us find your systems’ weaknesses before the bad guys do through penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

See If Your Network Is at Risk for an Attack

Ingalls Information Security offers both security vulnerability assessment and penetration assessment for all clients and MSPs.

Our digital security company attempts to breach the logical, physical and administrative controls of your infrastructure and note deficiencies in those controls. Our tailored recommendations and reports help you to better defend your infrastructure against hackers, cybersecurity attacks and other malicious attackers.

We adhere to ethical codes of conduct and will work diligently to help our MSSP security clients maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information system security every step of the way.

Many clients prefer this engagement to take place after normal business hours, and we are happy to work on your time and schedule. In the event something crucial is discovered, we will notify you immediately and help you begin fixing the issue right away. Call our technicians for network security monitoring and consulting today.

Understand your ability to prevent an intrusion

  • How easy is it for attackers to access your network and sensitive data?
  • Do you have adequate security measures in place to detect and prevent an attack?
  • Does your staff understand the dangers of social engineering?
  • Can they detect and actively defend against phishing schemes?
  • We can help you understand your company’s effectiveness in surviving an attack by performing a penetration test and network vulnerability assessment.

Uncover weaknesses in your defense

We use real-world techniques and knowledge cultivated from years of experience to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities that could result in a breach of your security. We explore the footprint, enumerate all attack vectors and attempt infiltration.

Not your average “boxed” solution

A penetration test is not a boxed solution and is not a simple scan and deliver service. There are three basic categories that govern penetration testing methods, and we will tailor our testing to meet your needs:

  • Black Box. This method assumes no prior knowledge of the system and accurately represents how real attackers would attempt to gain access.
  • White Box. This method assumes complete knowledge of the system and represents the Insider Threat: someone who already knows the systems. While necessary, this method may not give you a true understanding of what can be done.
  • Grey Box. This method is the best of both worlds and assumes partial knowledge of the system. This allows us to cut down some of the early reconnaissance that black box requires, without handing over the full scope of the target that a white box test requires.

Certified experts

We have the experience and credentials necessary to conduct ethical, thorough and methodical penetration testing. Our team members hold industry-standard certifications:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)®. The CISSP certification is a globally recognized standard that confirms an individual’s knowledge in the field of information security.
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)®. The CISA certification is a globally recognized certification in the field of audit, control and security of information systems.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)® C|EH is a professional certification, provided by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council).

Our vulnerability and penetration assessments are conducted by a team with in-depth knowledge of computer networks and vulnerability exploits. We use proprietary tools to scan and test how attackers could breach a company’s security.

Our penetration assessment looks at the attack surface of a company’s internet presence. We determine how and where a company might be susceptible, from the way they are connected to the internet to ways they are using technology. We understand attacks can come via social channels, email fishing, firewalls hacks, etc. Our assessment helps determine if your security protocol can prevent an attack.

Our security vulnerability assessment includes the use of proprietary tools to scan the environment, determine what operating system versions and software is utilized, and what applications are in place. Vulnerability Assessment determines whether or not the information technology infrastructure has been appropriately patched or if it is misconfigured.

Contact our cybersecurity consultants in today to assess your company’s security vulnerabilities.

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