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Government Programs

Ingalls Understands DoD Cyber and Wants To Be Your Trusted Partner.

Ingalls is a leading cybersecurity company that specializes in DoD cyber. We offer a full suite of technology-enabled, integrated cybersecurity risk management services. Our team is leading development and implementation for the Cybersecurity Assurance Readiness (CSAR) Process and is a Registered Practitioner Organization for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

With diverse experience across military/defense intelligence, network security, information assurance and cybersecurity solutions, our expertise focuses on four business lines of service:

Core Capabilities

  • Incident Response Remediation & Ransomware Negotiations
  • Information System Security Manager (ISSM)
  • Information System Security Officer (ISSO)
  • DoD Authorization to Operate (ATO) Support
  • Cybersecurity Assurance Readiness (CSAR)
  • CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO)
  • Virtual CMMC Registered Practitioner (vCMMC RP)
  • DIBCAC Preparation
  • DoD Risk Assessments
  • Gov Managed Detection & Response (GovMDR) - Coming Soon
  • Viewpoint, Patented Cybersecurity Data Visualization



Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Registered Practitioner Organization

Let us help you navigate CMMC and DFARS. As a key player in the cybersecurity industry, we know what it takes to secure and protect our nation’s IT infrastructure. We provide comprehensive solutions to support CMMC practices and are ready to help DoD contractors prepare for a CMMC assessment.

Ingalls is part of the CMMC ecosystem and is a trusted advisor bound by a professional code of conduct from the Cyber Accreditation Body (AB) formerly CMMC AB. We stand ready to provide advice, consulting, and recommendations to clients. Our cyber knowledge will support your journey to becoming CMMC ready.

Ingalls performs a CMMC Pre-Assessment Readiness Review with the client with the following tasks:

  • Generate Gap Analysis Report and Plan of Action & Milestones
  • Perform Vulnerability Assessments
  • Prepare for CMMC
  • Conduct Interviews and Review Evidence
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The Ingalls CMMC services are powered by an Industry leading Cybersecurity Compliance Platform, FutureFeed, that enables our clients to manage their CMMC program.

FutureFeed enables cohesive management and progress and continuous monitoring of compliance.

Authorization to Operate (ATO) Support

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Risk Management Framework (RMF) is a 7-step process that organizations can use to manage information security and privacy risk for organizations and their systems. All DoD information systems must undergo the RMF process to achieve an Authorization to Operate (ATO).

Ingalls provides RMF/ATO Support throughout the RMF Lifecycle with a tailored approach for services. Ingalls can provide:

  • Dedicated support throughout RMF Lifecycle
  • IAM Level III and II Certified Information System Security Manager (ISSM)
  • IAT Level II and III Certified Information System Security Officer (ISSO)
  • eMASS Data Entry and control responses
  • RMF Expert to liaison with Authorizing Official (AO) Staff or Security Control Assessor (SCA)
  • Development of core documentation and evidence
  • Development of RMF/ATO tasks with Project Schedule

CSAR, Your Best Hope for ATO Survival.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has a mission to field systems at the “speed of innovation” while ensuring cybersecurity requirements are met. Existing Authorization to Operate (ATO) processes are exhaustive, resource-intensive, and often not considered until the application is ready to deploy, significantly delaying timely delivery of today’s technology to the warfighter.

DoD must shift from a cybersecurity snapshot in time and paper drill compliance culture to a culture where automation and real-time continuous risk monitoring is tightly coupled with supply chain risk management and integrated software development pipelines (DevSecOps). The Cybersecurity Assurance Readiness (CSAR) tool advances this culture shift.

CSAR empowers Users to make smart, timely decisions allowing applications to be adaptive and keep pace with cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

CSAR Offers:
  • Efficiency through an intuitive TurboTax-like interface for the ATO process, transforming mandatory forms into easy, manageable sections
  • Automatic mapping of data input minimizing memory load and eliminating question redundancy
  • RMF timeline and risk profile feedback based on user input, adjusting ATO path for a more secure option
  • The ability to easily address required RMF Action Path processes, building threat matrices, and informing risk while the application is being developed, baking security in from the outset, not bolting it on as an afterthought
  • A dashboard view for visibility of key cybersecurity controls assessed in the software pipeline combined with operational and management controls for supply chain risk management
  • Cyber Playbooks and Plans for a secure cyber roadmap
  • A technology enabled solution with expert “Human-in-the-Loop" support at key Checkpoints enabling your application to be Cyber Ready
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3D Cybersecurity Data Visualization

Our Viewpoint™ software is a U.S.-patented, network security monitoring and correlation system that provides a three-dimensional (3D) visualization of network traffic overlaid with security alerts and other relevant discrete data. This innovative technology gives security professionals the ability to see and interact with data spatially, eliminating the need to scroll through massive spreadsheets of technical data. This quantum leap forward in cybersecurity data visualization provides capabilities that have never existed before.

How Does it Work?

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