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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer program provides cybersecurity risk management as a service

Responsibility for Information Security

Responsibility for information security is one of a company’s greatest assets; many companies now understand information security is no longer an IT responsibility but rather is a risk-informed, executive level consideration. An effectively managed and implemented information security program is critical to ensure:

  • the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources, both digital and physical.
  • appropriate mechanisms are in place to help identify and prevent the compromise of information security and the misuse of, or interruption in the availability of, data, applications, networks, and computer systems.
  • company reputation is protected, and legal and ethical responsibilities with regard to information and information systems are satisfied.

Ingalls Customized Virtual CISO

The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service offering is specifically designed for companies who understand the need for a comprehensive information security program but do not have the resources for a full-time, dedicated security team or IT security officer. Information security is an incredibly dynamic field, requiring the best managed security you can afford. It is a significant challenge to identify an IT security officer who possesses the skill sets and capacity necessary to remain current on cybersecurity attacks, the process and technology solutions that mitigate risk, as well as the quickly evolving regulatory environment. Ingalls provides a team of experts that possess the world-class skills and decades of experience your information security program needs to be successful.

vCISO Services

  • External Presentation as the CISO
  • Risk Assessments
  • Third Party Management Review and Maintenance
  • General Control Review
  • Policy Creation and Policy Expansion
  • Social Engineering and Security Awareness Education
  • Information Security Management and Leadership
  • Maintenance of Asset and Risk Registers
  • Business Continuity Program Review and Maintenance
  • Network Security Assessment
  • IT Controls Implementation
  • Incident Response Coordination

Ingalls vCISO clients are provided services that are customized to their individual needs; we’re so much more than just IT security consultants. We will work with you to develop and maintain a clear understanding of your needs so that your information security program is developed, implemented and matured in a way that is right for your organization.

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