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Incident Response

Emergency support for data security breaches

Respond Immediately to a Cybersecurity Threat

Whether your incident is the result of a hacker, malware, advanced persistent attack or a negligent employee, Ingalls Information Security is prepared to respond quickly to security incidents with our incident response team. Our certified security and forensic experts can help you contain the situation and determine your next steps. Contact our network security incident response team today.

Breach Happens ℠

Even with the best controls in place, a security incident can still happen. In fact, when we talk in terms of incident response, it may not necessarily refer to a breach, but an attempted breach. Regardless, whatever is responsible for triggering a response, call our network security monitoring team.

Ingalls is here to guide you from crisis to business continuity. We understand the need to deploy the right level of response to mitigate the incident and keep the business operating.

If your organization requires a forensic investigation, we have a certified digital forensics team ready to help gather and preserve data, investigate the incident, analyze malware and provide expert testimony. We have the best digital forensics consultants on the market. Ingalls Incident Response Services are performed by senior advisory response systems organized to help manage and reduce damage caused by a security breach or attack.

Breach Remediation

Business relationships are built when trust is established. Your customers, investors, partners and employees all depend on you to maintain security, and that trust could suffer in the event of a data breach.

In order to protect that trust, it’s important to demonstrate that you have done everything possible to neutralize the threat, reverse damage that may have occurred and prevent future incidents.

We understand the need to preserve these relationships. We will provide you and any affected parties with a comprehensive solution and will help your company’s reputation recover from a breach. Our information security team can determine the extent and duration of the exposure; provide you with a plan to close security gaps and strengthen your overall security posture; and educate you with proven cyber training and methods for safeguarding security and protecting against identity theft.

It is important to evaluate what went wrong and take steps to ensure your data breach incident does not repeat. Ingalls will provide you with a comprehensive security incident response report that details how the incident happened, what was compromised, the duration of exposure, and what steps were taken to stop the attack and close the security hole(s). The report will conclude by detailing lessons learned.

Data Breach Notification

Regardless of your preparation, your company would suffer continuity issues if you were required to interrupt operations to research, prepare and deliver an appropriately compliant breach notification to your affected stakeholders.

Ingalls can help your organization manage a data breach, and our information security services can help you release disclosure information. We will work closely with you to get compliant notifications delivered to affected members.

A comprehensive notification, including a description of the steps taken to mitigate the event and to prevent future occurrences, goes a long way toward giving your stakeholders peace of mind and helping to heal the trust relationship. Rely on Ingalls Information Security for an emergency response to your cybersecurity threat.

We perform Incident Response in four stages:

  1. Strategy: During this phase, we determine the scope of the breach and thoroughly investigate the environment in which the breach occurred. Based on the data, we develop a strategy to contain, eradicate and fix the site to prevent future breaches.

  2. Containment: During the Containment phase, we limit the amount of damage caused by the attack and work to isolate the breach to the affected system.

  3. Eradication: We get to the root cause of the breach. Once uncovered, we work to expel the attacker from the environment and keep them from coming back.

  4. Remediation: Once we get the attacker out and the damage resolved, we address the weakness that allowed the attacker to get into the environment in the first place.

Once Incident Response is complete, the security posture is improved. While our clients no longer require constant guarding, we recommend implementing long-term security sustainment practices. Such as our Managed Detection Response (MDR) service.

Our cybersecurity emergency response team works under attorney-client privilege with companies who have identified a security breach. If you have been notified of a breach by regulators, clients or partners, we recommend retaining legal counsel and contacting us to start the Incident Response process. We will provide all the details that lawyers need, including answers to technical and insurance questions. We arm attorneys with the documentation and briefs needed to explain what happened and why it will not happen again.


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