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Security Policy Review

Good governance starts with effective policy

Your organization likely has network and security policies aimed at keeping information secure, planning for disasters, and for incident response. In fact, it’s required for most regulated industries and credit card processors. These policies are designed to guide employees towards the right decision when the call comes. It’s important that these data security policies and procedures are tested as your risk profile evolves. We can measure your network security polices against industry standard and we can test how well your policies are being adhered to. In the event you do not have all the policies you need to defend against threats, we can help you build policies that are compliant and reflective of industry best practice.

Gap Analysis

You need to gauge how well your data security policies are being adhered to, and we can test this level of adherence; we can also perform a gap analysis that will show you where actual policy weaknesses exist.

Our security experts will work closely with you to understand your organization’s unique business needs, and determine if the appropriate controls are in place to help keep your organization’s information secure.

It All Starts With Policy

Everything your organization does should be based on a policy. Policy mandates the controls that should be in place, and policy dictates that employees are properly trained to detect and defend the sensitive information in your organization. Policy drives how the company recovers from a disaster, how it responds to a data breach, how and why security measures such as password complexity, firewalls, guest computing, and intrusion detection systems are in place. It defines your security plans.

No matter the stage of your policy development and maintenance process of your organization, Ingalls Information Security can help you ensure you are living up to the industry and regulatory standards that affect our business.

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