Incident Response Planning

Ensure your team can handle cybersecurity emergencies

If your organization is just beginning to develop a risk management strategy for cybersecurity, the first step is to plan for the worst-case scenario: a Data Security Breach. Ingalls has responded to some of the largest breaches in history, and today we handle multiple breach response engagements on a weekly basis. Our expertise in this area sets us apart from other cybersecurity services companies, and we provide our clients with expert consulting on how to identify and respond to a breach.

We can sit down with you during a free consultation and scope out an Incident Response Planning engagement that will include documentation of a plan as well as testing it through tabletop exercises that are based on real-world breach scenarios that we've successfully navigated.

You can also engage Ingalls to provide you with a retainer to serve as Incident Response experts in the event of a breach. Finally, clients who engage our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offer receive significant discounts for Incident Response Planning and other services, since our MDR dramatically reduces the time and effort required to respond to any Incident.

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If you are concerned about a potential breach or if you are currently experiencing a breach and require immediate assistance, contact our 24x7x365 Emergency Hotline:


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