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Your network is at the core of your business. It’s important that your data remains private, for the protection of your customers and your business. Don’t let this critical information end up in the wrong hands.

Ingalls Information Security offers cyber security services to businesses across the county. Based in Alexandria, LA, our network security specialists can address active threats to organizations and prevent future hackers from threatening your business and information. For all things related to network security, call Ingalls Information Security.

Protecting your data and the future of your business

When a hacker, an employee or malware threatens the cyber security of your business, Ingalls Information Security will respond to the threat promptly. Our tech specialists are highly trained and have responded successfully to some of the most high-profile breaches of the information age. We respond promptly to threats and offer consulting and a range of other services to protect businesses from becoming victims of cyber-attacks.

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We will push your security system to the limit to ensure you have a well-designed system that will effectively combat cyber threats. Contact Ingalls Information Security of Alexandria, LA to prevent intrusions and protect your organization.

Hackers, malware, phishers and other threats don’t stand a chance.

Attacking current threats. Predicting and preventing future threats. Educating businesses on the latest in security and teaching youth tactics for safe browsing. Ingalls Information Security branches far and wide to protect our clients and their valuable information.

Our solutions are innovative, timely and immediate. Call Ingalls Information Security today to discuss your company’s security vulnerabilities and address them head on.

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