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Virtual Security Operations Center Services

The experience and knowledge we gain while working on computer system security and data security breaches sets us apart. We have seen and have countered the tools and tactics used by criminals and by state-sponsored hackers. Our goal is simple: to use our experience and knowledge to help our customers protect their data.

Our Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC) is the result of that goal. Our vSOC services are designed for clients in need of advanced hunting capabilities, tool sets, persistent threat detection monitoring, and auditing resources that traditional security providers do not offer. Our vSOC integrates into client operations and processes with immediate return on investment as emerging advanced threats, network and host compromises, network anomalies, cybersecurity attacks, suspicious users behavior, misconfigured devices, etc., are identified.

Our vSOC services is designed for advanced detection and threat hunting by offering:

Continuous Network Security Monitoring:

Our analysts take an active and involved role in identifying and countering threats to the network and its systems. Ingalls deploys “active threat monitoring” that goes far beyond the alert response model used by so many traditional MSSP providers. We actively hunt for attackers and anomalies in your network by utilizing advanced threat hunting techniques coupled with real-time threat intelligence to detect network incidents that may evade traditional cybersecurity solutions.

Leveraging years of IR experience to provide real-time analysis:

Ingalls vSOC is designed to complement client operations with analysis, data forensics, engineering, cyber training, and incident response that traditional security controls cannot provide. We become your trusted partner and teammate to neutralize threats, such as cybersecurity attacks and advanced persistent attacks, before they become incidents and play a collaborative role in your security services.

Cloud-based infrastructure allows for dynamic scaling of services to fit your security needs:

Ingalls is product-agnostic and can take feeds from any of your devices, including existing SIEM solutions. Our infrastructure allows all client data to stay within its environment. Our planning and implementation during on-boarding establish measures to ensure the client maintains control over all sensitive data at all times.


We leverage the only patent pending proprietary virtual reality technology (viewpoint™) to see in real-time, network connections across the world. viewpoint™ is a technology that allows humans to interact with data using mixed reality interfaces and consume vast amounts of data compared to today’s inefficient, spreadsheet-based data interfaces. It creates a valuable capability for time-sensitive analysis in cybersecurity operations.

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Our Goal

We are committed to preventing and responding to data security breaches. We have the most dedicated and qualified analysts in the cyber industry and can identify areas that you should focus on to enhance your level of security and awareness.

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