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Cybersecurity data visualization in the next dimension

Viewpoint™ is a technology that allows humans to interact with data using mixed reality interfaces and consume vast amounts of data compared to today’s inefficient, spreadsheet-based data interfaces. This visualization tool creates a valuable capability for time-sensitive analysis in cybersecurity risks and operations. Viewpoint™ uses commercially available Augmented and Virtual Reality interfaces. Cybersecurity vendors are already signing up to partner, and there is tremendous potential to revolutionize human-data interaction.

How Does it Work?

  • Viewpoint™ leverages metadata available from enterprise network appliances and other sources to create a visualization of activity.
  • Layers of additional information available from multiple sources are symbolized to create a simulation of cyberspace.
  • Users interact with this simulation to create event path maps that describe all of the actors (computers, users, etc.) for a given event.
  • Event path maps are used to generate intrusion models, remediate breaches, develop attack signatures, etc.

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