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Articles of interest from the week of September 3, 2018

Cryptocurrency Scams Replacing Ransomeware as Attackers' Fave
The incidence of cryptocurrency mining malware continues to skyrocket as the bad guys refocus their efforts away from ransomware in favor of the easy money that cryptocurrency offers them. The latest evidence of the trend came by way of a new report, released earlier this week, that examined attack data for the first half of 2018. (By Ericka Chickowski, DarkReading)

Critical Flaws in Syringe Pump, Device Gateways Threaten Patient Safety
The Qualcomm Life Capsule Datacaptor Terminal Server and the Becton Dickinson Alaris TIVA Syringe Pump allow remote access without authentication. (By Tara Seals, Threatpost)

New Mirai Botnet Breed Taps Aboriginal Linux to Spawn Across Devices
Security researchers at the California-headquartered company Symantec have identified a virulent new strain of the Mirai botnet, which is making use of a popular open source project to embed itself on multiple architectures and devices. Mirai, which takes over insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices from routers to baby monitors, became infamous in 2016 after using a sprawling network of compromised devices to cripple domain registration service provider Dyn. (By Conor Reynolds, ComputerBusinessReview)

Instagram's New Security Tools are a Welcome Step, But Not Enough
Instagram users should soon have more secure options for protecting their accounts against Internet bad guys. On Tuesday, the Facebook-owned social network said it is in the process of rolling out support for third-party authentication apps. Unfortunately, this welcome new security offering does nothing to block Instagram account takeovers when thieves manage to hijack a target's mobile phone number — an increasingly common crime. (By KrebsonSecurity)

Privacy Shield: Should I stay or should I go?
The lead up to the GDPR enforcement date consumed a large swath of media coverage. This essentially buried the news that in early July 2018, the European Union Parliament warned that it would suspend the Privacy Shield agreement with the United States unless the US government took action to meet GDPR requirements. (By HelpNetSecurity)

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