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Articles of interest from the week of March 5, 2018

Surge in memcached-based reflected DDoS attacks is due to misconfigured servers
As with most other DDoS attack methodologies, memcached DDoS attacks were initially – and for a very brief interval – employed manually by skilled attackers; they have subsequently been weaponized and made available to attackers of all skill levels via so-called ‘booter/stresser’ DDoS-for-hire botnets. The rapid increase in the prevalence of these attacks indicates that this relatively new attack vector was weaponized and broadly leveraged by attackers within a relatively short interval. (By: , Managing Editor, Help Net Security)

Mobile Security in 2018: A look at the risks, and what you can do
Given the proliferation of mobile device use by organizations and the growing security threats, Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2018 offers recommendations for protecting the mobile enterprise. (By: )

Mobile banking Trojans spread confusion worldwide
Researchers detected a number of mobile banking Trojans in recent months – a privacy and security threat that is on the rise. Despite having strict security measures and safeguards in place, the large customer bases banks have make them attractive targets for cybercriminals to develop fake apps that can mimic their official apps. (By: )

Cryptojacking is the new malware
Each cryptojacked machine may provide a small fraction of computing cycle time but, when combined, they are transformed into distributed supercomputers that can earn hackers substantial cryptocurrency amounts. Moreover, any of these hacked machines could be revisited and subjected to even more nefarious cyberattacks at some point down the road. (By: Joshua Behar, CEO at Ericom Software, )

3 Ways State and Local Agencies Can Form a Risk-Based Security Strategy
A risk-based security strategy should be tailored to the unique needs of a specific department or agency, but there are still many common elements that exist across organizations. Organizations considering a risk-based approach should understand these elements. They should focus on cybersecurity policies, technology solutions and services designed to help organizations manage cybersecurity risk. (By: , StateTech)

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