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Articles of interest from the week of March 25, 2019

Hackers Abuse Magento PayPal Integration to Test Validity of Stolen Credit Cards
Hacker groups and online fraudsters are abusing a feature of Magento online shops to test the validity of stolen debit and credit card numbers. (By Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet)

How Phishing Scams Are Evolving—And How Not to Get Caught
Phishing is one of the most reliable methods a would-be hacker can take to access your digital accounts or even your bank account—and these kinds of attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated over time. Even if you think you know a phishing email when you see one, new strategies continue to spring up. (By David Nield, Gizmodo)

Preinstalled Android Apps are Harvesting and Sharing Your Data
When you buy a brand-new smartphone, there's that precious moment just after you take it out of the box when it is shiny and clean, unsullied by dirty software that could endanger your data. Or so you thought. New research reveals that the bloatware preinstalled on many new Android phones could do far more than simply chew up your storage. (Danny Bradbury, Naked Security)

Half of Industrial Control System Networks Have Faced Cyber Attacks, Say Security Researchers
Industrial control systems in manufacturing, energy, chemical and other environments are coming under an increasing number of cyber attacks, as hacking groups of all kinds attempt to breach these networks. (By Danny Palmer, ZDNet)

Apple iOS 12.2 Patches 51 Serious Flaws
Apple patched more than 50 flaws in iOS 12.2, including an array of bugs in Webkit and a vulnerability that allows apps to secretly listen to users. (Lindsey O'Donnell, Threatpost)

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