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Articles of interest from the week of January 7, 2019

A Dozen Flaws in Popular Mac Clean-Up Software Allow Local Root Access
A pack of privilege-escalation vulnerabilities in this popular software would allow a local attacker to gain root access to an Apple machine in various ways. (By Tara Seals, Threatpost)

LA City Sues Weather App Over Data Collection
The City of Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit against a popular US-based weather app, alleging it illegally sells user data to third parties. (By Phil Muncaster, Infosecurity-Magazine)

'Ryuk' malware blamed on US cyber attack
The cyberattack that disrupted US newspaper offices from California to Florida has been blamed on a form of ransomware known as "Ryuk". (By Dakota Smith, The Newcastle Herald)

Online security 101: Tips for protecting your privacy from hackers and spies
This simple advice will help to protect you against hackers and government surveillance. (By Zack Whittaker, ZDNet)

Biometric Security Can Be Hacked, but It's Really Hard to Do
A pair of security researchers demonstrated how it's possible to fool a vein recognition system, but they also showed just how hard that actually is to do. New-gen scanners work a lot better now than they did previously, but like any biometric reader, they can be fooled. (By Wayne Rash, eWeek)

The Attack Surface is Growing Faster Than It Has at Any Other Point in the History of Technology
Some of the key security trends that will evolve or continue to impact consumers in 2019. (By Help Net Security)

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