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Articles of interest from the week of April 15, 2019

Ransomware: The Cost of Rescuing Your Files is Going Up as Attackers Get More Sophisticated
Figures drawn from cases handled by cyber security company Coveware show that the average ransom organisations paid per incident during the first quarter of this year stands at $12,762, compared to $6,733 in the final quarter of 2018. (By Danny Palmer, ZDNet)

Bad Security Hygiene Still a Major Risk for Enterprise IT Networks
Unpatched vulnerabilities, along with growing network and application complexity pose an ongoing security risk which could threaten the security of enterprise IT networks. (By Help Net Security)

Watch Out! Don't Fall for The Instagram 'Nasty List' Phishing Attack
For nearly a week, Instagram users have been receiving odd messages from followers expressing shock that their accounts have somehow ended up on something called the "Nasty List." (By John E Dunn, Naked Security)

Microsoft Outlook Breach Widens in Scope, Impacting MSN and Hotmail
A recently-disclosed Microsoft email-platform breach is reportedly much worse than previously thought, now impacting a large number of Outlook accounts as well as MSN and Hotmail email accounts. (By Lindsey O'Donnell, Threatpost)

Adblock, Adblock Plus, and uBlock Filters Can Be Abused to Execute Malicious Code in Browsing Sessions
An exploit has been uncovered in the filter systems of Adblock, Adblock Plus, and uBlock which may permit attackers to remotely inject arbitrary code into web pages. (By Charlie Osborne, ZDNet)

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