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Articles of interest from the week of October 29, 2018

Google Makes 2 Years of Android Security Updates Mandatory for Device Makers
Even after Google timely rolls out security patches for its Android platform, a major part of the Android ecosystem remains exposed to hackers because device manufacturers do not deliver patches regularly and on a timely basis to their customers. (By: Mohit Kumar, The Hacker News)

Windows 'Deletebug' Zero-Day Allows Privilege Escalation, Destruction
A proof-of-concept exploit for a Windows zero-day that works on full patched Windows 10 machines has been released by a security researcher. It allows an attacker to delete any kind of file on a victim machine, including system data. (By: Tara Seals, Threat Post)

Ex-Facebook security chief calls out Tim Cook and Apple's practices in China
Former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos said on Twitter Apple needs to "come clean" about how it blocks ways to provide a more secure and private way to access apps in China. (By: Michelle Castillo, CNBC)

Cisco patches command injection bug in Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows
Cisco Systems released a security update on October 24, 2018 that patches a high-severity command injection vulnerability in its Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows. (By: Bradley Barth, SC Magazine)

ICANN's internet DNS security upgrade apparently goes off without a glitch
That's the report from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as it rolled out the first-ever changing of the cryptographic key that helps protect the internet's address book – the Domain Name System (DNS) on Oct. 11. (By: Michael Cooney, Network World)

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