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Articles of interest from the week of December 24, 2018

Hackers Sending Banking Trojans Via Fake Amazon Order Confirmations
A new campaign that pretends to be a legitimate email from Amazon or Apple about the order confirmation is hitting hard the shoppers around the world. (E Hacking News)

No Target is Too Small: Why SMEs Must be Cyber-Resilient
Cyber-attacks have hit, and hurt, companies of all shapes and sizes. The financial costs arise from the attack itself, fixing it, and addressing the reputational impact by re-fostering public trust, along with potential regulatory fines and legal bills. (By: Marc Wilczek, Infosecurity)

McAfee: Cryptomining and IoT malware both rose over 70% in Q3 2018
Cybersecurity firm McAfee said that the cybercriminal underworld is generating 480 new threats per minute. That's one of the details in the new McAfee Labs Threats Report: December 2018. (By: Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat)

Both WordPress 4.x and 5.x users are being urged to update their CMS software to fix a number of serious bugs
One of the flaws is a bug that allows the WordPress "user activation screen" to be indexed by Google and other search engines, leading to the possible public exposure of WordPress usernames and passwords. (Tom Spring, Threatpost)

'Serious' Twitter flaw allows hackers to post on other people's accounts
A vulnerability in Twitter allows hackers to send tweets, private messages, post images or videos, and turn off security features, says British security researcher (By: Bryan Glick, ComputerWeekly)

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