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Articles of interest from the week of December 10, 2018

Massive botnet chews through 20,000 WordPress sites
WordPress users are facing another security worry following the discovery of a massive botnet. Attackers have infected 20,000 WordPress sites by brute-forcing administrator usernames and passwords. They are then using those sites to infect even more WordPress installations. (By: Danny Bradbury, Naked Security)

Nearly 70% of UK Firms Hit by a Cyber-Attack in 2018
Over two-thirds of UK firms have fallen victim to a cyber-attack over the past year, with many claiming they don't get enough guidance from the government on how to combat threats, according to RedSeal. (By: Phil Muncaster, Infosecurity Magazine)

Android adware tricks ad networks into thinking it's an iPhone to make more money
Google has recently removed 22 Android apps from the Play Store. The apps were removed for abusing Android devices to load and click on ads behind the users' backs. (By: Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet)

Attacking from inside, cyber crooks rake in millions from banks
Kaspersky Lab researchers revealed that cyber-crooks stole tens of millions of dollars by hacking Eastern European banks through direct connections to local networks. At least eight banks, dubbed collectively as DarkVishnya, were targeted. (By: Ms. Smith, CSO Online)

DanaBot Trojan Expands Attacks
Previously the DanaBot focused on mainly harvesting banking credentials by a similar means to the new threat, essentially by compromising the Bank's Web Portal. It would steal usernames and passwords. The new functionality appears that they are focusing on just harvesting email addresses, from all sorts of different companies. (By: Will LaSala, Information Security Buzz)

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