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Network Intrusion Detection

Visibility for your organization's IT networks and advanced detection of malicious network activity

In recent years, the use of encryption for most Internet traffic has increased dramatically. Firms like Google™ have begun decrying use of plaintext protocols like Hyper Text Transport Protocol (HTTP). The movement to encrypted network traffic has many security experts scratching their heads, wondering how much longer network security monitoring and traditional Intrusion Detection System (IDS) will be a valid cybersecurity control. At Ingalls we realize that it’s just another important layer of defense in an overlapping security control set that we call Managed Detection & Response. Network monitoring and Intrusion Detection will remain important because without it, there is no way to ensure that all hosts within a network are protected, and that if new hosts appear but don’t have necessary security like Endpoint Detection & Response agents, we know about it and can fix the problem.

Given the continuing vulnerability that networks of computers have due to legacy operating systems and lack of full coverage for anti-virus and EDR, it’s critically important to ensure that if there is an endpoint gap, it identified quickly and resolved. Network monitoring and intrusion detection is an important part of this capability. At Ingalls, we are able to visualize our clients’ entire network environment in 4D with the data our Network Intrusion Detection system provides, using Viewpoint™; our proprietary cybersecurity data visualization system.

Network Intrusion Detection System traffic being visualized by Viewpoint™
Network Intrusion Detection System traffic being visualized by Viewpoint™
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