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Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

When compromise is a result of malicious software, knowing how it works, what its capabilities are and what or who it reports to is crucial to effective response. When you need to test a system that an attacker would have to get a physical hold of and reverse the development process, our certified security and reverse engineering experts can go to work for you. If you have data that is locked down either because you forgot the password or a malicious attacker changed it, our information security services can undo the locks and get your data back.


Understanding the threat of malware can be daunting. Even if you stay on top of your antivirus solutions and update the definitions immediately upon release, they can’t stop 100% of bad programs attacking your systems. Why? For starters, they can only stop what they know about. 0-day malware is by definition not defended against. If you suspect malware is responsible for a data breach, you need to quickly understand the scope of impact of the bad code and identify compromised data. This requires looking at the machine code the application compilers create (the .exe, etc.). This is done through a process called reverse engineering. We use industry recognized malware tools to reverse the process and view the code. Even with malware analysis tools, it takes a special kind of person to interpret that code. We have trained and certified reverse engineers with decades of experience in that field who can quickly capture and analyze malware.


If you have lost data due to a forgotten password or one that has been changed by a malicious attacker, we can recover it. If you have a file that has been deleted, it is important that you stop using the system immediately and contact us right away. Our reverse engineers and forensic data experts can recover your important data and can retrieve information that may be hidden from you by an attacker.

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We are committed to preventing and responding to data security breaches. We have the most dedicated and qualified analysts in the cyber industry and can identify areas that you should focus on to enhance your level of security and awareness.

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