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Our powerful solution helps defend against phishing attempts

Phishing Email Helpdesk

Phishing is one of the most widely used cyber-attack vectors. Even the most trained and sophisticated users can get tricked into divulging their credentials or clicking on malicious links.

A very powerful solution that we've helped many clients with is the Phishing Email Helpdesk.  No matter how many email security filters and settings you place on an email system, somehow users still get spam and phishing emails.  Training users to send suspicious emails to a team of cybersecurity experts who can analyze them and create intelligence products out of the actual phishing emails is extremely valuable in:

  • Understanding why some phishing attacks are successful,
  • Who else in the organization got the phishing email but failed to report it,
  • Who actually clicked or provided account information!

Key Benefits

  • Full Integration with Phish Alert Button (PAB) allows automatic forwarding to a dedicated mailbox
  • See clusters or groups of messages to determine patterns that can help detect widespread phishing attack against the organization
  • Automated email responses that allows quick communication to employees
  • Human Analyst "in-the-loop" to determine if the email is a Malicious Link, Malicious Attachment, or Social Engineering Tactic
  • Enriches data with external services like VirusTotal to help analyze attachments and malicious domains.
  • Helps boost employee's confidence in their information security responsibilities

Want to know more about Security Awareness Training and Social Engineering? Check this out under Consulting. We are a Premier Partner with KnowBe4. Ask us about their services.

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