Endpoint Detection & Response

Advanced detection and remediation for Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints

Modern cybersecurity threats to business are increasingly targeting credentials, however having the ability to identify when malware lands on an endpoint workstation is often critical in preventing the attackers from getting any further with the intrusion. Understanding how malware appeared on an endpoint requires the kind of visibility that Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools provide. Ingalls deploys EDR that is forensically capable, meaning we can not only investigate suspicious activity, but also provide e-Discovery capabilities, forensics acquisition, and enterprise-wide, parallel processed keyword searches.

Our EDR solution works by reporting system states to our Data Analytics Platform, including any alerts generated. From there, the information is correlated using our proprietary visual SIEM, Viewpoint™, so that analysts can leverage this information in their investigations and analysis.

EDR is just one of the layered security controls that we apply to our clients’ IT environments as part of our Managed Detection & Response Solution. Contact Us today if you’d like to discuss how our Managed Detection & Response service can solve your cybersecurity needs.

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