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Endpoint Detection & Response

Advanced detection and remediation for Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints

Endpoint Detection and Protection

Detect and prevent malware from executing on your endpoints before execution can begin. Give your organization the ability to detect and quarantine malware in both open and isolated networks.

Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

The endpoint is the place where attacks take place. Get comprehensive visibility across all of your endpoints and detect malicious activity, not just malicious code, before negative impact occurs.

Replace Legacy AV with Next-gen AI

Close the “speed to resolution” gap and track malicious behavior across the endpoint and network enterprise as well as in the cloud.

No More Zero-Day Exploits and Fileless Malware Attacks

Legacy antivirus is terrible at finding new and emerging malware. Today's advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence detect behavior anomalies before execution takes place, so malware doesn't have a chance to bypass them.

Protect Against Active Directory Attacks

Protect Active Directory with an AI-driven software platform that enables dynamic threat-detection capabilities. Immediately contain attackers and prevent attackers moving laterally into the network with an agentless detection and deception solution.

Finally, give your organization an edge against today's attackers with the very latest endpoint protection and detection technology. Our EDR service is designed to provide our clients an optimal security posture with five basic principles:

  1. Immediate detection and response to resolution
  2. Combine the latest threat intelligence with behavioral analysis in real-time
  3. Monitor endpoint activity without impacting machine resources
  4. Provide IR and forensics investigation capabilities
  5. Enable clean and cost-effective remediation

Compliment or Replace existing SIEM

Seamlessly cross correlate all security events and logs across the enterprise with no additional hardware or software required.

Not only can you protect end users, you can protect your entire enterprise. Today's attackers depend on stolen credentials, malware, and phishing email. Detect it all before execution and business impact.

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