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Education & Training

Awareness and cybersecurity risk management training for board members, executives and employees

Ingalls Information Security provides computer security training for our clients who need to develop an organic capability to perform security services within their organization. Similar to the concept originally pioneered by the U.S. Army Special Forces, our team will deploy to your organization and will provide cyber training for your staff to perform security services, evaluate and certify capability, and provide advisory services during growth that include:

  • Skills and capability matrix development and analysis
  • Staffing and cyber training programs development
  • Practical (simulated) environment training for tools and procedures
  • Red team support of Security Incident Response (SIRT) or other Incident Response Team testing
  • Aspects of security incident response (e.g., management, phases, planning, strategy, forensics, etc.)

Security Incident Response Training

Our security incident response training courses introduce the concepts of incident response and are led by instructors with direct experience in managing data breaches. The courses provide a framework for students to understand concepts that are core to computer incident response and introduce to students the concepts of planning, execution, and reporting that have become standard procedures for security incident responders.

We offer the following courses at our training facility, as a mobile training team at your location or wherever the training is needed, or we can provide the courses via video teleconference.

Introduction to Security Incident Response
Our Introduction to Incident Response course introduces the concepts of incident response and is covered over five (5) days utilizing our proprietary training materials.

Computer Incident Response Team Training and Practical Application
Our Incident Response Team Training and Practical Application course provides the team training and practical application of material learned during our Introduction to Incident Response course. The Incident Response Team Training and Practical Application course is covered over five (5) days utilizing our proprietary training materials and state-of-the-art cyber range.

We can customize any of our courses to meet your specific needs and can tailor our state-of-the-art cyber range to match your local environment, providing a more effective and realistic solution.

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Auditing for the non-IT Auditor

Auditors today can be challenged when performing an audit built primarily around IT controls. This seminar discusses the technical elements involved in an IT audit and provides the non-IT auditor with the necessary skill set and data points to perform a comprehensive IT audit. This seminar contains the most current information on emerging IT risks, relevant frameworks and effective controls.

Course Objectives

This seminar covers the general concepts of performing a Risk Assessment & IT Audit, including:

  • Establishing a baseline of Key Terms and Concepts
  • Identifying threats, vulnerabilities, risk and controls
  • Measuring control effectiveness and calculating risk
  • Developing necessary work products to produce meaningful assessment results
  • Acquire a baseline knowledge of general IT and application controls concepts
  • Planning and executing follow-on action items post assessment completion

Cyber Safety Workshop

Ingalls Information Security, LLC has partnered with STOP.THINK.CONNECT to help educate children in our local schools about the importance of online safety. Join other educators in the area and let Ingalls Information Security provide your students with the knowledge they need to stay safe on the Web.

This workshop is tailored for grades 3-5, educators and parents. Students will learn about protecting their identities online, strong passwords, thinking before clicking, being a good cyber citizen and what to do when something online makes them uncomfortable. This workshop is provided at no cost to local schools as part of Ingalls Information Security’s ongoing mission to promote cybersecurity awareness within our local communities.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT. was created by an unprecedented coalition of private companies, non-profits and government organizations with leadership provided by the National cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). The Department of Homeland Security provides the Federal Government’s leadership for the campaign. You can learn more about STOP.THINK.CONNECT. at their website.

Ready to discuss how we can provide education and training services for your organization?

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