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Active Defense

Aggressive defensive efforts provide benefits to organizations that are targeted by advanced persistent attacks. Our information security solutions can provide your organization with experience and advanced active defense capabilities such as:

  • Honeypot/Honeynet deployment, management, and update in order to delay and divert attackers from internal assets.
  • Attribution and identification of attacker based on profile and threat intelligence.
  • Reconnaissance on production systems that have been targeted by attackers, and event correlation to determine attacker intent and objectives.

If your business is under attack, you need managed security that can repel the attacks at every turn. That’s why you need a security service provider like Ingalls Information Security to help you every step of the way. Contact us for all of your network security service needs.

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Our Goal

We are committed to preventing and responding to data security breaches. We have the most dedicated and qualified analysts in the cyber industry and can identify areas that you should focus on to enhance your level of security and awareness.

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