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The Importance of Having A Strong Security Policy In Place

Many companies started as a single person who worked from their home office. As the company grew, the first employee might even start at the owner’s home before they move to an office space. As the company grows and more people join, there arises the need for a tech department. Far too often, though, the […]

Why Is Fast Security Incident Response So Important?

People want your data. And if they don’t want it for their own purposes, then they want to destroy it so that you’re put at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace. Your company will suffer attacks, and that’s why it’s important to have the best web security company on your side. But if those fail, […]

Ingalls Information Security Named a Top 10 Managed Security Service Provider

The role of managed security service providers often goes unnoticed. After all, if an MSSP is doing it’s job then things shouldn’t happen: servers aren’t compromised, data isn’t stolen, and employees don’t fall for phishing emails. It’s only when big breaches happen (often involving private data or credit cards numbers) that the role of MSSPs […]