Custom Hardware and Software

Ingalls Information Security provides development support for both hardware and software, and can provide end-to-end sourcing of MSSP services and component design, fabrication, and production. Our engineers have developed client and server side integrated security products that include best-in-breed software and hardware platforms for tailored applications, as well as for use in security incident response, security management, data forensics, and cyber training.

If you are interested in developing custom hardware or software, Ingalls Information Security can help.


Our Drupal™ Source Code Scanner is a utility designed to audit source code for vulnerabilities.

Pricing varies and is customized for your needs.


Introducing iSOC™: a fully deployable, private security cloud infrastructure developed by veteran Incident Responders. iSOC combines scalability, speed, agility, and best-of-breed tools to give Incident Response Teams the edge in cyber warfare.

Download the iSOC datasheet.


viewpoint™ is a technology that allows humans to interact with data using mixed reality interfaces and consume vast amounts of data compared to today’s inefficient, spreadsheet-based data interfaces.

viewpoint™ was developed by a team of industry experts with experience resolving cyber security breaches in the DoD, Financial, Healthcare, Retail, and other industries.

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Our Goal

We are committed to preventing and responding to data security breaches. We have the most dedicated and qualified analyst in the cyber industry and can identify areas that you should focus on to enhance your level of security and awareness.