Digital Forensics

In the event of a data breach, it is crucial that proper procedures be followed to contain and mitigate damage while preserving evidence and complying with law enforcement requests. The computer forensic investigators at Ingalls Information Security provide containment services and data forensic analysis to organizations that are impacted by data breaches.

Data Preservation

It is critical to ensure evidence is handled with care and to prevent it from being tampered with. Chain of custody is crucial to maintaining reliability and reducing the potential for evidence to be rejected in the case of litigation. Preserving evidence is also crucial to a successful incident response and analysis.

Ingalls Information Security has trained forensic computer analysts, as well as legal and law enforcement specialists, who will ensure the chain of custody is maintained throughout the entire incident response process. We can quickly capture the electronic information needed to conduct proper data forensics, and we apply sound methods that avoid damaging evidence while providing a clear picture and history of an incident.

Data preservation is key to both incident response and to the pursuit of legal remedies and Ingalls Information Security can handle the task for you.

Evidence Collection

Ingalls Information Security will determine the best strategy for data collection and identification to fit your specific case needs. Our certified computer forensic investigators can capture data from network devices, emails, data shares, handheld devices, servers, workstations, and backup media. Our data collection experts include certified security experts, forensic computer analysts, attorneys, and law enforcement professionals.

If you are faced with an incident, or pending litigation, Ingalls Information Security knows how to best preserve and collect data, and because our collection and chain of custody protocols are second to none, the evidence will be defensible and ready for investigations and discovery.

Forensic Analysis

We can offer insight that may be critical to the outcome of investigations and litigation. We will uncover the evidence using sophisticated methods and toolsets that not only reveal the current state but also recreate and preserve historical information. We investigate the activity to not only see what has changed, but when it changed, how it changed, and all changes from the point of impact to the present state. We can retrace behaviors of users and uncover evidence that can have a dramatic impact on investigations and litigation.

Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

When your case calls for litigation support or expert opinion, Ingalls Information Security provides a trained staff of certified security and forensic experts, attorneys, and law enforcement personnel to help win your case. If you are responding to an investigation, a discovery demand, a security incident, our team has experience providing depositions and testimony and serving as expert witnesses on any topic involving electronic/digital information. We deliver customized reports on evidence and can demonstrate sound chain of custody during litigation.

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