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Reviewing Your Cyber Security Risks with Vulnerability Penetration Assessment

Without a doubt, cyber security is a war of escalation. New software is introduced, and it’s considered safe until a hole is found. Patches are put in place, but new vulnerabilities are sussed out, meaning that new security measures must be implemented. This can go on and on, and many times you’re safe during the […]

The Types of Cyber Security We Can Help You Alleviate

One of the biggest problems with cyber security is that the forms of attack are always changing. If we were still working on the same computers with the same software that we were a decade ago, most every type of attack could be addressed. But because we’re constantly using new software and hardware as we expand […]

Visualizing Data For Analytics And Decision Making in Cybersecurity

By Jason Ingalls, CEO of Ingalls Information Security  Data visualization is poised to create a revolution in how analysts review, interact with, and use data in cybersecurity. In an attempt to explain the potential capability and productivity boost that true visualization of data in all four dimensions may offer, let me share three stories from […]