The Importance of Having A Strong Security Policy In Place


Many companies started as a single person who worked from their home office. As the company grew, the first employee might even start at the owner’s home before they move to an office space. As the company grows and more people join, there arises the need for a tech department.

Far too often, though, the tech department is so busy bringing all of the employee computers under one digital roof that they forget to formulate a security policy and ensure that everyone adheres to it. If they fail to do so, security breaches can take too long to identify and respond to, often ignoring the people that should be getting involved. Ingalls Information Security can help you create and test your company’s security plant so that response times to problems can be exponentially reduced.

Dictate Who Gets Involved

When there’s a proper security policy in place, there’s never any question about who should get involved when something goes wrong. The moment someone in the technology department notices something is awry, they’ll know from the policy who should be contacted. Is it a small issue that can fixed by the techs and doesn’t have to be reported until the next planned meeting, or is this something that should be reported to the CEO, human resources, or even a branch of the federal government?

When you have the proper security policy in place, who to inform isn’t at the discretion of the person who discovered the breach or attack. If policy is followed, they won’t have a choice whether to get others involved. That makes the process easier on them and ensures that response times are higher across the board.

For All Existing Employees

As we discussed in our previous blog, employees are a huge security risk whether they touch a computer or not. While it’s not healthy to walk down the hall giving each one a sideways glance because each one poses a security breach concern, their adherence to a security policy should be mandated.

We mentioned above that existing employees often aren’t put through proper training when it comes to security, mostly because a business might grow so fast that they were hired before the security measures were in place. But these types of employees must be brought up to date and trained on security measures, and that can’t happen until a security policy is created for each type and level of employee. Some might simply have to be informed of increased password complexity, while others should be told about the dangers of leaving their computer unlocked during bathroom breaks.


For New Hires

The habits of existing employees might be hard to change, but you have a golden opportunity when it comes to new hires. Training them and having them sign that they’ve been through the training is a great way to educate them and protect your business.

Ignoring the need for a security policy is one sure way to leave your company more vulnerable to attacks, both digital and social. Contact Ingalls Information Security and we’ll help you put the right plan in place and test it as well.