Why Is Fast Security Incident Response So Important?


People want your data. And if they don’t want it for their own purposes, then they want to destroy it so that you’re put at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace.

Your company will suffer attacks, and that’s why it’s important to have the best web security company on your side. But if those fail, it’s equally important to have an incident response in place so that you can recover as quickly as possible. Here’s why you need a computer incident response team like Ingalls Information Security on your team if you should suffer a breach.

Prevent Further Damage

Once a security concern has been detected, it’s important to close it as quickly as possible. While some information has been compromised, it’s likely that the aggressors were using the same method to remove data over a longer period of time in order to avoid detection.

Closing that security hole is priority one when it comes to an attack. That means that the computer incident response team must have knowledge in these types of incidents in order to counter them. Just like a landscaper must be ready with an herbicide to deal with multiple kinds of weeds, a security team must know the situations that might pop up in your servers so that they can respond appropriately.

You May Be Legally Bound To Respond Immediately

If your servers harbor sensitive information such as financial or healthcare information, you are legally bound to reveal any security breaches. You’re also required to have a cyber-security incident response plan, or CSIRP, in place. Hiring the right network security service in the first place can go a long way to ensuring you never have such an incident, but if a breach occurs then you’d better have a security incident response team in place to ameliorate the problem.


Save Evidence and Perform Digital Forensics

Another important aspect of computer incidence response is digital forensics. Digital forensics is about analysing the problem so that it doesn’t happen again, but it also helps to establish fault. As part of a CSIRP, a web security company will preserve the way the data was when the incident occurred. After that comes the evidence preservation and forensic analysis, establishing who had access to the files and who was responsible for protecting the information at hand. A response team can also testify if called to do so when civil or criminal charges are brought against a company that has been attacked.

Timing Is Crucial

The fact is, most companies are not prepared to handle a large-scale attack on their information. When an attack happens, the IT department is usually the only ones involved, when a proper CSIRP should have people from across the company involved in order to protect the company on all fronts. A security incident team can help form a plan that will involve everyone necessary.

The time to buy fire extinguisher isn’t when the stove is on fire; the time to buy one is before you ever need it. Ingalls Information Security can help you put the proper plan in place. Read more about incidence responses, then contact Ingalls for better protection and security response.