Ingalls Information Security Named a Top 10 Managed Security Service Provider


The role of managed security service providers often goes unnoticed. After all, if an MSSP is doing it’s job then things shouldn’t happen: servers aren’t compromised, data isn’t stolen, and employees don’t fall for phishing emails. It’s only when big breaches happen (often involving private data or credit cards numbers) that the role of MSSPs comes to the public eye. Underperforming internet security companies are suddenly being scrutinized for all the wrong reasons.

So, as a top performer, it’s not very often that Ingalls Information Security is in the spotlight. But we’re proud to say that we have once again been recognized within the industry as a top provider of IT security solutions, this time by the magazine Enterprise Security. This magazine, available on the web and in print form, ran their November issue with a story detailing their favorite IT managed security providers that are at the top of the MSS pile (in no particular order). Ingalls Information Security was named as one of the Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers of 2016. This list is “an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing managed security services and impacting the marketplace.”

You might wonder what it takes to be at the forefront of cyber security solutions? Does it simply mean that we’re keeping our client’s data safe? Certainly, but it goes well beyond that. Here are a few of the details the article mentions that put Ingalls above hundreds of MSS providers across the country.


viewpoint™ is one of the most exciting and forward-thinking technologies that will allow Ingalls to be on the cutting edge of network security solutions for years to come. viewpoint™ is a new way to think about and display data, helping to visualize every aspect of network security. Why look at confusing spreadsheets when everyone involved with the project can use virtual and augmented reality to view and discuss problems in real time? viewpoint™ can help IT security officers find security breaches faster and allow them to visualize and organize data better. It also gives the next generation of IT security consultants a new way to see how data works, making it the perfect training tool.

viewpoint™ is the future of human/data interaction. If the first thing it brings to mind are the ways that people in science fiction movies use data, you’re not too far off. At Ingalls, we are creating that future.


The best way to respond to a cyber security attack is to have everything in place to prevent it in the first place. Ingalls was recognized by Enterprise Security because of the amount of prevention we can provide a company, often due to our own penetration testing and the holes we fix in the security before a malicious attacker can find their way in. These protocols can help businesses get government accreditation, educate employees about phishing schemes, and fight back against advanced persistent attacks.

Breach Response

Even in the most secure system, breaches happen. One of the reasons that Ingalls was named a top 10 managed security service providers is because of how quickly and thoroughly we mount a response. Ingalls has stepped in many times to offer lightning-fast response to companies that haven’t properly protected their data, whether it’s on-site or in the cloud. We know that the faster we can find the problem, the easier it will be to track the intruder and prevent further data loss/theft/tampering.

We’re like to once again thank Enterprise Magazine for recognizing the hard work we do for our clients. We’ll continue to provide our absolute best in the constant battle with those who would do their data, and therefore their customers, harm.